Typical Club Runs

KW 2 Hills Club Run

This is the typical 2 hills club run, usually reserved for Newbie Club Runs and when the weather is a little adverse and members are wanting a quick short ride.

Distance : 55.1 km

KW 3 Hills Club Run

This is the typical 3 hills club run, this is a little more demanding as it has three hills! but it is more the fact the Whitedown has been included.

Distance : 70.2 km

KW Windsor Club Run

The Windsor club run is nice quicker ride as it is more flat. You will see lots of Kingston Wheelers head out this way in the winter months as the roads are more likely to be ice free compared to the Surrey hills.

Distance : 75.8 km

KW Seale Tea Rooms Club Run

The Seale tea rooms is not only a great place to have a cup of coffee and cake but a lovely ride. The run can get a bit quicker as it is mostly flat to a slight downhill but more is the fun. Don't forget to take some change to the tea rooms, they don't take cards and they appreciate if everyone doesn't turn up with £20 notes!

Distance : 89.2 km

KW Henley Club Run

Henley club run is a longer one but worth it for the roads and the Chocolate Cafe in Henley, where cake, soup and sandwiches are some of the goodies on offer. The run in via Virgina Water is quick and Kingston is a welcome sight as the legs are tired.

Distance : 124.4 km