As a long standing amateur cycling club with a rich history, Kingston Wheelers relies on all members to help out with all activities and duties the club needs to fulfils to serve it's purpose. Whether this is helping lead a Club Run on a Sunday morning, baking a cake, help marshalling a road race or being on the committee, everyone has to do their part or the club won't exist. As with all amateur sport the members server the club as much as the club serves them. Volunteering is great fun, a good way to meet lots of members and to get to know them socially off the bike, often during an event where you can cheer cyclist along and doesn't take up too much time. If you don't want to get involved outside of riding on a Sunday morning, following a group lead then perhaps a cycling club isn't for you.

When you join Kingston Wheelers, you sign up and agree to the Club Rules and Members Terms, these are a code and conduct for a member but more pertinently require you to volunteer at least once a year to help the club. Kingston Wheelers as a club not only has a role to fulfil to it's members but also to helping maintain and develop cycling at a grass-root and above level. This in the main, requires us to put on events such as Road Racing and Time Trials not only for our members but cyclist across the area and country. As one of the largest club's in the South-East we have an obligations to the cycling community and as a member you should want to help maintain and grow the sport for the current and future cyclists.

Kingston Wheelers not only puts on Road Racing and TT-ing, we also put on events for our membership. These are yearly events like a skills day on a dedicated criterium track, a club TT series, track cycling, socials, club racing championship and many more. Members with the aid of the committee will organise these events for members to enjoy, improve and develop their cycling, but with this everyone is required to pitch in and help where they can. Without the help of volunteers these events won't take place.

The club is made up of members but requires these members to help run the club. It is all amateur and everyone needs to make this old historic club be all it can, for everyone. So if you love cycling, want to get involved in all aspects of a great cycling club, then Kingston Wheelers is the cycling club for you.