KW Committee Members

The Kingston Wheeler Committee is charged with running the club. This ranges from day to day administration, membership applications and keeping the club affiliated to the revelevant governing bodies and all other aspects of club life. This includes handling kit and putting on events internal and external cycling events. The committee meets formally about once a month but are in daily communication running club affairs. If you have any questions, comments and suggestions please get in touch with the committee. The following are the current Kingston Wheelers Committee as voted in at the latest AGM.

Derek Griffiths - President

Joined 1983. Responsible for general liaison and fill-in roles including catering for Sporting 14 and help organising the summer BBQ and Christmas prize giving.

Stephanie Horsfield - Treasurer

Tim Lawn - Chairman

I joined the club in 1986 when I was still a junior and I am now a veteran. Derek Griffiths was on my first club run and I'd like to think that the warmth of welcome I received in 1986 is still a feature of the club today. The competitive side was always what attracted me and I raced for many years up until very recently I have raced every year I have been a member so far. I have also been involved in the management of the club for most of my time as a member, having organised time trials and road races over the years and I sometimes officiated as a regional level commissaire for road racing. Essentially, I just love riding my bike whether in Richmond Park with the kids or somewhere in the Alps.

Alice Lethbridge - Time Trial Secretary

Caroline Hemmington - General Committee Member

Aidan Culhane - General Committee Member

Dominic Trevett -

Will Rostron - General Committee Member

Andrew Davis - Road Race Secretary

Member since 2013. I used to race in the 80's, but lapsed when family commitments took over. Watching the Olympics in Kingston sparked a flame, and when I heard about the first Ride London, that was the trigger to get more serious about biking and gave me a goal. I applied to join the Wheelers, and immediately it rekindled my love of cycling and cyclists. I attended the fantastic Skills Day organized by Andy Edwards, and that was it - I was back! Since then I have gone from sportive rider, to 4th cat, got my 3rd cat so I could race on the road, and finally made it to 2nd cat (lots of hard work and no natural talent!) Quite an exciting 3 years.

Chris Hill - Membership Secretary

I joined the club in early 2013 as I was looking to increase mileage in preparation for a sportive later that year. This was a somewhat delayed return to training for longer distance rides having completed my first 100 miler when I was in my fourth year at school … and I still have the tie to prove it. Sportive successfully completed and now several thousand miles later, I’m responsible for organising, tracking and supporting new membership applications and current member renewals.

Chris Jenkins - Kit Master

I joined KW in April 2006, but I'm not exactly a club run regular, so a good number of you may not know me. Most of my cycling is done on the commute, or in Richmond Park, but I ride the odd sportive and dabble with CX every now and again. Not very good at either.

Dave Spragg - General Committee Member

I joined the club at the beginning of 2011, shortly after getting sucked into the masochistic and addictive world of time trialling. My main responsibilities are to oversee the time trialling activities of the club, including the Summer club races on Wednesday evenings and the Club TT series. Any questions about time trialling, give me a shout; if I can't answer them I'll find someone who can.

Paul Clarkson - Members Welfare Officer

I joined the Wheelers in 2010. I have been a club cyclist most of my adult life, racing and club cycling in the 80’s for the Hillingdon CC. I raced TT’s, Road and Track and also rode the nationals several times as a junior and senior. Normal life got in the way from the late 80’s with a brief return to racing in 96/97 for the Feltham RC which funnily enough was when I got my 3rd cat licence which I found you get to keep forever, no more 4th cat, bonus!. Normal life got in the way until I had a bit more spare time in the late noughties. I thought, why not have another crack at racing before I get too old. So I joined the wheelers, bought a basic track bike, a cheap TT bike and a pointy hat and off I went. Had a decent go with the track league at Reading and managed to beat my old 10 and 25 times by quite a bit, mostly thanks to the pointy hat me thinks. Now struggling to find the time again as life keeps getting in the way, a bit irritating that! Mostly though, I love riding my bike, it really is a total obsession and I cannot contemplate a time when I won’t ride as long as health allows.